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From Footprints Orphanage to The Footprints Family

Footprints Orphanage was first registered as a Charitable Children’s Institution in Kenya in 2011 under the name ‘Footprints Children’s Home’, held by the Kenya Children’s Department. It has since been renewed 3 times for keeping up with best practice and high standards.
The challenges have been immense but 13 years on with an incredible support network around the world the vision Mama Kerry had is now a reality.

With growth and success, change is inevitable and so for those reasons in 2020 the UK Charity amended its name to The Footprints Family, and widened its objectives to enable the charity to continue to support the children it has cared for and supported over the years, who have reached 18yrs and guide them further into a life of Independent living.
Later in 2020 a further acre of land was purchased through the continuous donations that has now enabled the next chapter of The Footprints Family vision to begin, keeping ‘Hope’ alive for the most vulnerable children in Kenya.

How 'Footprints' was born...

In November 2007 Kerry Watson from the UK spent 3 weeks as a community volunteer in Kwale County situated on the South Coast of Kenya, East Africa.  She was shocked but  immediately humbled by the community's daily struggle to survive and was especially affected by the plight of children who had been orphaned or neglected.

In January 2008 she returned to Kenya for 3 months  with a vision to build a home for orphaned and vulnerable children who lacked even the most basic needs of shelter, food, medical care and education and the love and protection in a family environment.

After 3 months of researching and the realization that the Kenya government had very little resource to protect these vulnerable children, Kerry personally purchased an acre of land in the rural village of Majimboni in the Shimba Hills where she had witnessed the greatest need and where it could also benefit the local community.

Kerry came back to the UK in  March 2008 and set up the UK Charity Footprints Orphanage and began single handed the huge task of raising funds to begin the constructions on the land.

With the belief and support of friends, family and local businesses, schools and churches, enough money was raised to employ local Kenyan people to begin building the first structures of what was to become The Footprints Family home.

Picture of Footprints Family

Then Kerry was presented with immense challenges, lack of running water and electricity in the village including badly made roads which made the transporting of materials exceedingly difficult. It was during this period Kerry found the trust and support from a local Kenyan, who became her link and support and project managed the entire construction while Kerry was busy fundraising in the UK.

In 2009 the buildings were made liveable and  Kerry gave up her working life in the UK to live in Kenya. She worked with the Kenya government, local community, village elders and churches to identify the most desperate children, witnessing truly tragic circumstances and personally researching each child's horrific situation and history.

A small team of caregivers, many from the local community were recruited to help Mama Kerry, as she became to be known and in April 2010 Footprints Orphanage rescued its first 5 children, Footprints Orphanage opened its doors providing them the with care and protection they desperately needed so they could begin a childhood they could only have dreamed of.

Over the following years of continued financial support and belief in the charity Mama Kerry has rescued over 40 more vulnerable children who have been given hope for the future.