Saturday 6th March and The Footprints Family had another winner for their Bonus Ball Fundraiser.   

The first ball drawn for March was number 15.  This had been purchased by the Brown Family.  Sari, Martin and Emma have been long time supporters of the Footprints Family and are very passionate about the charity.  Ball number 15 relates to The Holly Brown Learning For Life Zone so, as you can imagine, this number is extremely special to the Browns.

See below for more information on this wonderful zone at Footprints.

We wish to thank Sari, Martin and Emma for their continued love and support for the Footprints Family.  They have chosen to donate their winnings to the charity's funds.

Not only do they sponsor and support the charity as a family but, Sari also arranged for Mama Kerry to give a presentation about The Footprints Family to her company, Bionical Emas, and they too have been amazing sponsors.  They have paid for a number of projects including learning materials and private tuition for all of the Footprints children during the lockdown so that they were able to keep up with their studies and also for some enrichment activities which included performing in, directing and producing a video featuring our very own Tumaini on lead vocals.


Holly Brown, from Burton on Trent, tragically lost her life in July 2017.  Despite their utter devastation, her parents, Sari and Martin and her twin sister, Emma, made the selfless decision to ask for donations for the Footprints Family to enable them to continue their mission and also to be able to provide the children with a number of  enrichment activities.

In excess of £5000 was donated in Holly's memory - a true testament to this very popular young girl who was loved by so many and is so sadly missed by her family and friends.

The Brown Family and Mama Kerry decided that, as a lasting memory to Holly,  the money raised would be used to convert the existing community room into one which would be used for the children to experience these activities, all of which would enrich their lives and give them the opportunity to experience things they could only ever have dreamed of.

The community room didn't previously have power but now it is fitted with solar panels to bring in light and life.   The Footprints Family was able to embark upon a programme of activities such as dance, sports and cycling.  The room is used for additional tuition and has also been used for outreach projects involving the local children in the community.  All of this has meant that the children at Footprints have been able to experience some of the things that Holly herself loved.

The room is called "The Holly Brown Learning for Life Zone" and it truly is the heart of the home.  Our Christmas celebrations take place in this room, our award ceremonies and many more family orientated activities and events.  It is a very special part of Footprints.

We can not thank the Brown Family enough for providing us with this facility.  

It is dedicated to their vibrant young daughter, taken from our world far too soon.

She touched the lives of so many people and her memory will live on at Footprints.

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