February 20th - Footprints Family Bonus Ball sees another winner!!

 Saturday 20th February and the National Lottery Bonus Ball was number 10.  

This Ball had been purchased by Sally-Anne Cubbon as a Christmas Gift for friends.  

Sally-Anne will be forwarding the £30.00 winnings on to them and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for participating in our Fundraiser and also to ask her to forward on our congratulations to the Bonus Ball owners.  What a thoughtful Christmas gift!  Thank you Sally-Anne.

The theme for Bonus Ball number 10 was "Ten Years of Footprints (2020)".   Please see below.

In April 2020, we celebrated Ten Years of Footprints.

After a couple of years of hard work and determination and with a lot of assistance from the local community, not forgetting the fundraising efforts from family, friends and supporters of the charity, the dream became a reality and The Footprints Family opened its doors in April 2010 to the first five children..... Bakari, Khadija, Hassan, Ali and Njoki.

A small team of caregivers, many from the local community had been recruited to help Mama Kerry and Uncle Patrick, (as they came to be known) 

These five children (and all those who have followed them through the doors to join the Footprints Family)  have been given the care, love, protection and nurturing that they so desperately needed and, most importantly, a childhood they could only have dreamed of actually began for them all.

Over the following years, with the continued financial support from everyone who believes in the charity, and continue to support Mama Kerry's vision,  she and Uncle Patrick have been able to rescue over 40 more vulnerable children  - all who have been given hope for their future.   An example of the difference that being part of the Footprints Family can make is detailed below as we tell you a little bit more about Bakari, one of our first five children.

If you wish to read more about the children at Footprints, please see the 'meet our young people' section of our website.

Without your continued support and assistance, none of this would be possible and we thank you.

 Bakari is now a young man, he's hard working and always willing to lend a hand.  He has achieved so much during his time with the Footprints Family, including learning to speak English.

He loves sport including football and running and this passion helped him achieve his ambition of attending a National Secondary School.

Bakari has become a role model to the other children at Footprints encouraging them to work hard at school and follow their dreams.

When he is home he is  alwsays willing to help the staff and to lead activities with the younger children.

It is wonderful to see this independent young man, who was stealing food to survive before he came to us, making a difference to other young children.

Whilst Bakari enjoys all sport, he really is our Rugby superstar!!

He's now really making his mark playing rugby  - If you are interested to find out more then google "The Star, Kenya" or, alternatively, google Bakari's name as he is mentioned in a number of articles.

How wonderful is his story, from abject poverty to successful sportsman and student.  These are certainly opportunities he would never have dreamed of without the support and love of the Footprint's family, and that obvioulsy includes our wider family and everyone who supports Footprints.

Well done, Bakari, everyone is so proud of you!

As we all know, we can give  our young people many opportunities but it is down to them to grasp those opportunities and make the most of them - Bakari remains a role model for all of the younger children in the Footprints Family - continue to grasp those opportunities Bakari and carry on making us proud!

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