On Saturday 20th March, Ball number 21 was drawn and this ball had been purchased by one of our lovely supporters, Rachel Pankratz.  

This Bonus Ball was only the second winning number drawn on our Bonus Ball Fundraiser for the whole of March. 

       Saturday 6th March saw number 15 drawn for The Brown Family.

       Saturday13th March saw number 20 drawn - this number has not been purchased.

       Saturday 27th March saw number 29 drawn - this number has not been purchased,

We have been in touch with Rachel this week and she has kindly asked if she could donate her winnings back to our charity.  

Thank you Rachel for this lovely, kind gesture and also for your continued support for The Footprints Family.  

Rachel's Bonus Ball number 21 relates to Ayub's story.  Please read below to find out more about his journey with us.

Ayub was just 5 years old when, in November 2014,  he joined The Footprints Family with his siblings, Jackson and David. All three boys had tragically lost their mother to the HIV infection. 

On the sad day their mother passed, 21st November 2014, Mama Kerry and The Footprints Family helped they boys to bury her. There was no family to help and so Footprints stepped in to help make the arrangements. 

As you can imagine, this was a very emotional time for the boys but they were supported and felt able to say their final farewells knowing they would be loved and cared for in the future and knowing, thankfully, that before she died, their other knew this too and was able to see that her sons would be part of a loving family and would get all the support they needed.

All three boys settled well into life at Footprints.

Although when he arrived Ayub did not speak any English at all, after just two years in The Footprints Family he was speaking English beautifully and also was doing very well at school.  

Ayub continues to thrive as part of the Footprints Family, he has lots of friends and he also has a huge amount of energy and lots of personality.

He has a bright future. 

Thank you for your continued support.  Without you, children like Ayub would not be able to live the life they have.  Your support makes the world of  difference to these children.

Asanta Sana

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