Community Outreach Work

Footprints truely is a special place. 

Teaching hygiene and water safety.

As part of Footprint's community involvement - they hosted a training programme for 150 children in the local community to teach them the importance of safe, clean water and good hygiene. Best hand washing practices were taught in a fun and engaging manner which the children loved.

They all had a complimentary meal of beans ans rice and returned home with 5 ltrs of fresh, clean drinking water. They also had a small bar of soap and a packet of biscuits.

The children of Footprints delivered the sessions, with Joseph explaining the use of 'water guard. Hassan. Kijana and Anna helped with demonstrations. Sara talked about the importance of keeping nails cut short.

Kerry was proud of how they have all grown in confidence and know how important it is to share their knowledge with local children. She was particularly proud of Sara, who 12 months ago joined Footprints as a traumatized little girl, but stood proud and confident to help others.

Helping Rabecca and Levena's Grandad who lives in the Local Hills.

Lately the children and staff went out in to the Shamba Hills to visit Mr Ngovi, Rabeeca and Levena's grandfather.

We had a fantastic time helping him to pick fruit and do other jobs on his land.

It was particularly lovely as the girls saw their mother for the first time, in a long time. She suffers with mental health issues so is often not around.

Mr Mgovi was thrilled wth the help that the children gave him.

It is important that the children know they must help their neighbours.

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