Dolly the Cow

Dolly the Cow, is our none grazer. Dolly had a rough start to life, as her owners were really struggling to feed her because of the droughts.

She looked frail when she arrived.

A member of the staff with some of the children walked her the 4 km to bring her home to Footprints. It took them 3 hours! Dolly is settled in and feeding on our very own napier grass mixed with malaise.

A local Children's home are producing their own milk also and as they have some surplus we are buying extra milk from them instead of paying supermarket prices.

With our other cow, Daisy expecting her calf soon it won't be long until we have our own milk.

Being as self-sufficient as possible is going to make us more sustainable.

2017 will be a great year for our cows.

Sadly, Dolly our new cow died on 1st March. We believe she had a chronic illness before she arrived. Everyone at Footprints is very sad.

From the Girl's Day Out in Edinburgh in March 2017 the money raised will go to support Footprints becoming more self sufficient. A new cow will be purchased so that milk production can begin.

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