Exciting news update on our new land ..

In 2020 an acre of land was purchased to help us create independent living for our over 18's. Money donated to purchase this land also included enough funds to build a secure wall and entrance around the land. We are also able to construct a borehole so we have a water supply. This has been achieved because we have had support from More Water 4 Africa. Thank you to Bob Nicol for your continued support at Footprints. It is much appreciated. They have very kindly donated their labour for free. So money already raised last year can cover these costs.

We can now share with you the progress we are making. We have employed local community construction workers to build the wall and make the land safe and secure. So Footprints is already helping the local community with employment.

We are hoping in the future to receive donations for building basic accommodation for our over 18's to help support their independent living. Therefore continuing to create and support their future.

Our land will now be safe and secure until we raise enough funds to support this vital ongoing project. If you feel you would like to be involved in this and can contribute in any way please click the donate button below, you support would be much appreciated at this difficult time.

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