Footprints Bonus Ball - 9th January 2021

 Saturday 9th January, Week 2 of our Bonus Ball Fundraiser.

This week Number 53 was drawn as the Bonus Ball.

We have a Winner!!!  

Donna Grant, a long time friend and supporter of the Footprints Family selected Ball 53.

We wish to thank Donna for her amazing generosity as she has chosen not to collect her prize money of £30.00 and has, instead, asked that it is paid to the Charity.

Many thanks Donna for your kindness and continued support.

Ball No 53 relates to Rose's Story - see below.

Baby Rose was rescued into the care of The Footprints Family when her mother Ruth, at the young age of 16, was forced to escape her unimaginable home life.

The culture within African Tribes is, in many ways, to be respected but, sometimes their traditional practices are acts of child abuse and neglect. 

Ruth's father had arranged an early marriage for her when Ruth was just 14. She became pregnant and she escaped from her father  She took refuge in a school, far away from her village. Luckily, the headteacher warmed to her and baby Rose was born in June but the situation became unmanageable for the teacher and she turned to The Footprints Family for help.

Returning back to the tribal village, Baby Rose would never be accepted and her mother, Ruth, was likely to have been forced back into marriage. With no other support mechanism and the fact that Ruth was still a child herself, at just 16, Footprints and the headteacher agreed that it would be in the best interests of both mother and child for Rose to come to Footprints.  It was agreed that Ruth would be supported through the next 4 years of her education at the school while Baby Rose was cared for at Footprints.

It was hugely painful for Ruth the day that Mamma Kerry went to collect Baby Rose but with regular reassurance and emotional support, Ruth knew that this was the best option for both of them.

Rose has settled into life at Footprints and has the amazing love and support of all our staff and children. 

Rose is a happy, contented little girl who enjoys playing, singing and dancing with the other younger children at Footprints.  

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