Footprints Bonus Ball - 2nd January 2021

Happy New Year everyone.

Last night saw the first National Lottery Draw of 2021 and also the first week of our Bonus Ball Fundraiser.  

This week's bonus ball number is 37, although nobody has picked that number so there is no winner this week.

Ball number 37's theme relates to Kijana's Story below.

The bonus ball started on 2nd January and will run until 26th June (when there will be an opportunity to renew your number should you wish and an opportunity to purchase any remaining available numbers).  It's not too late to get involved now.  As long as you choose a number that is available and have paid prior to the draw on a Saturday, the number will be yours.  The sooner you purchase a ball, the more chances you have of winning!  

Good luck.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kijana joined us on 1st December 2010.

From where Kijana started his life ............…

Kijana, and his younger sister Anna, were orphaned after their parents died within a year of each other.

Like many of our children, they were left with elderly relatives who could not afford to feed or care for them.

Kijana was found to be suffering from severe pneumonia after sleeping on damp mud floors. It took a number of weeks for him to regain his strength and return to full health.

This is what living at Footprints and being part of the Footprints Family achieves!

Kijana is quite a character.

He is full of fun and always up to mischief.

He is extremely musical and can pick up rhythms easily. He is a fabulous dancer and great at sport.

He has a bright future ahead of him. 

For further images of Kijana - please visit the Meet our Young People section of our website.

Bonus Ball 37 is still available to purchase.

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