16th January saw the third week of our Bonus Ball fundraiser.

The Bonus Ball number drawn this week was No. 27.

Unfortunately, there was no winner this week as Ball 27 had not been purchased.

Ball No 27 relates to Faith's Story (See Below).

Faith is one of six sisters, who were all living happily with their parents. One day men broke in to their home and killed their parents in front of the girls.

The three older girls were able to stay and work in the village but for Sera, Sofia and toddler Faith alternative support needed to be found.

A children's home took in Faith whilst her sisters, Sera and Sofia, came along to join the Footprints Family.

Faith spent a further six months at the other children's home.

Then, fate intervened, and at a local event, where the Footprints Family joined other children's homes for the day, the sisters spotted Faith.  Their reunion was incredibly emotional and the other children's home agreed it would be in the best interests of all of the girls if they were reunited permanently.

On Saturday 10th September 2016 Faith joined her sisters at Footprints.  All three are settled, doing very well and, are all extremely happy girls. 

To read more about Faith and see further images, please visit the 'Meet our Young People' section of our website.

If you are interested in joining the Bonus Ball Fundraiser, please get in touch.

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