On 25th January 2021, Ball No 56 was drawn as the National Lottery Bonus Ball -  The Footprints Family Fundraiser sees 'No Winner' this week.

This week saw Bonus Ball Number 56 drawn on the National Lottery.

There is no winner on the Footprints Bonus Ball Fundraiser as this number had not been purchased.

This Fundraising initiative is helping to raise vital funds to enable The Footprints Family to continue to make a difference to the lives of our children.  

We wish those of you who have purchased a Bonus Ball the very best of luck for future lottery draws.  

We will be offering you the opportunity to renew your numbers at a later date in 2021 and will also be offering any unsold Bonus Ball numbers for sale at that point.  You could be in with the chance of winning £30 if your number is drawn by participating in this Footprints Family fundraiser.

If you want to help our charity now, it's not too late to join.  You've only missed a few weeks!!  After all, you've got to be in it to win it!

See what a difference The Footprints Family makes to children like Sofia.  

Ball Number 56 relates to Sofia's Story.

Sofia is one of the six girls who saw their parents killed.  Sofia arrived at Footprints with her sister Sera and, as we told you in last week's Bonus Ball story, has since been reunited with her younger sister, Faith who is now also part of the Footprints Family.

Sofia is a quiet girl, with the most beautiful smile and she has a truly loving and caring personality. 

She is a delightful girl and is also very hard working.  At school, Sofia always has her hand up!

If you wish to read more about Sofia, please visit our 'Meet our Young People' section of our website.

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