George and his sisters visit their parents graves

 There are so many smiley faces forever at Footprints, but some of the children are beginning to ask what happened to their parents, some asking to visit the 'homes' they lived in with their parents before tragedy struck their innocent lives.

George, who was rescued when he was just 4 months old, after both his parents died within a few days of each other, is now 8 years old and although loved and cared for by 'Ma' and the entire family here at Footprints, he is now asking so many questions about what happened to his mum and dad.

It is so sad and difficult to explain, but we decided to take him along with his sisters Jane, Mary and Elizabeth to visit the graves of his parents, I explained we normally take flowers as a sign of respect and remembrance, so with Aunty Pauline's help he made flowers from our gardens and we took him to the graves and area where he was living.

His older sisters told him' nice stories 'of his parents , we hope eventually he will understand and accept this situation and find peace as he grows up.

George recovers from septic tonsillitis - August 2018

In August George was admitted to hospital with septic tonsillitus, it was an anxious time but George is a fighter and has made a full recovery.

We are so lucky to have medical insurance, as for the locals the medical care they receive is determined by 'money in their pockets!'

Thank you to you all for your continued support.

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