Gift Joins Footprints

After a few unbelievable days Footprints welcomed its first new children for 2017 .

Gift has a little brother called Adam and they both came together.

Their other name is unknown, as their mother died four weeks ago. She was still unburied and had no identity when I met the boys for the first time. She had been drinking elicit brew and made a living however she could - life was desperate!

Both boys were taken in by an elderly, kind neighbour in Ukunda. Her room was no bigger than 12x12 - she tried her best but Gift's brother Adam is so underweight he was becoming more and more malnourished. No relatives could be found, no father and no details of ages or names.

It never ceases to amaze me that the local people will do their best no matter how little they have,with true compassion.

Footprints will work its magic and Gift will begin to thrive.

Look what a difference a day makes below.

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