Harrun Joins Footprints

Harrun's mother died during childbirth, after giving birth to her last daughter of seven children.

After his mother died, his father struggled to find work and look after all of the children. On top of this he had the added challenge of becoming ill himself, with cancer of the foot, he was hospitalised for a long period.

It was during this time that Footprints were asked by the Chief of the area to visit the family to see if we could assist. The father wanted us to take in the baby and Harrun as the youngest.

After a long social enquiry we found that the baby had already been taken straight away after her birth and the death of the mother, by an aunt. We visited them and it was obvious that they had formed a wonderful bond with each other and although living quite basically, her aunt was willing to continue to care for the baby. We explained to the father what we had found; as he had had no contact with this baby since the mother had died, we explained that in the best interest of the child to remain with her aunt. However we would take Harrun into the care of Footprints .

Harrun joined us in 2013, his father continues to be sick and has only visited Harrun on two occasions. Other relatives have visited him and it is our hope that he could be reintergrated with other family members in the future.

On joining us, he was very quiet and it took a long time for him to settle in. Now he is full of fun and working hard at school. 

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