Hassan joined us on 20th April 2010

From where Hassan started his life...

Hassan is the brother to Bakari and Hadija, he is also the cousin to Ali.

In 2010, after the death of his mother, his grandmother took on the responsibility of all four siblings.

His fathers whereabouts was unknown. There were also other children being looked after by his grandmother - in this area of utter poverty. The family were identified by The Kenyan Children's Welfare Society ( a non - governmental organisation.)

Kerry and Patrick visited the home to assess the needs of the children and rescue them from their feral existence.

After the initial assessment, very quickly all of the children were rescued in to the care of Footprints.

Hassa, like his siblings, had no birth certificate or clinic card to identify his age and it took 4 year, working with the Kenyan court system to get him any legal documentation.

On arrival at Footprints it was obvious that there was much to learn.

1. There was clean water
2. Regular meals
3. Toileting facilities
4. The love and support of all of the staff

It took many weeks for Hassan to acclimatise to his new surroundings and accept the certainty of his new life.It was apparent that he was very bright and loved sport like his older brother.

This is what living at Footprints achieves!

 Hassan works very hard at school and is doing well.

He loves to cook with the Aunties on Sundays, making chapatis for the whole family (and that is a lot of chapatis!!!)
Hassan is very sporty, loving football, running, cycling and playing table tennis, a new game donated by a friend in England.

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