Janet Joins Footprints

In June 2020 we were called by the local police to rescue this little lady. Her name is Janet Bahati after the lady who found her.

Her little life was so very nearly over before it had even begun. Her mother, who suffers with her mental health, was alone in her mud home and thought Janet was dead after giving birth to her and so she'd tried to bury her.

This little fighter wasn't ready to leave us yet and was found, still alive the same day.

It is amazing she has survived. She weighed just 2kg and hadn't been given milk until we rescued her which was at least 12 hours  after she was  born .

Janet is now in the care of The Footprints Family. We have managed to get her some basic supplies but we desperately need to purchase some more formula milk so we can continue to feed her and start to help her thrive

We want to help Janet survive. We don't know what her future holds but we want to give her the best chances that we can.

Anything you can donate will be massively appreciated and will help us give this little baby girl a chance at life.

Janet's mother remains in the custody of the police but needs help and support too we hope she gets that care she also needs so maybe one day Janet can be reunited with her.

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