Khadija - This is what living at Footprints achieves!

 Khadijas confidence has grown every day since she arrived. Khadija is growing into a beautiful young lady, her personality shines through her warm contagious smile. She has developed a sense of caring and thoughtfulness towards her siblings and all of the staff who care for her at Footprints. 

Her willingness and confidence to speak out and voice her views is admirable. Khadija has academically achieved great things but more so in her participation in extra-curricula activities at school. She has become a Scouting Leader and this role allows her to demonstrate her leadership skills.  

Mama Kerry and Khadija share a bond like any other mother and daughter. 

Khadija at her new Secondary School. 

Chebukaka Girl's School. 

Khadija has now started the next part of her education. After doing so well in her exams last year she is now attending a very good girl's school called Chebukaka 

You can see from these photographs that she looks happy and confident.

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