No 42 - Last one for January!

 Saturday 30th January saw Bonus Ball number 42 drawn on the National Lottery.

Unfortunately, once again, there is no winner of the £30 prize money as this number had not been purchased.

We wish all those who have participated in our Bonus Ball fundraiser lots of luck for next week!  Let's hope February sees a few more of those numbers that have been purchased drawn as the Bonus Ball!

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

No 42 relates to Mary's Story (See Below).

Mary joined us on 11th June 2010

Mary is the sister of Jane, Eliza and George.

Mary and her sisters were left looking after their baby brother, George, when Footprints became involved.  Both of their parents had died within 2 days of each other.

Very soon all four children were safe and secure and living as part of The Footprints Family.

Mary has flourished.  She is a lovely, friendly, bright young lady and, having finished secondary school, Mary is currently helping Mamma Kerry with administration tasks.  Mary has secured a place at College to study for a diploma.

This is what being part of the Footprints Family achieves! 

To see more of Mary's story see the 'meet our young people' section of our website.

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