Lupina joins Footprints

After nearly 8 years of rescuing children I thought I'd witnessed the worst possible living environments, where vulnerable children have to survive but last week I witnessed the ultimate of sickening places, the most vile place where children are still living. 

A rubbish dump site within our County that is home to families who live and survive off it daily, the clothes they wear, the waste food they eat, the partially empty alcohol bottles they drink from, even the houses they live in are made from the rubbish that surrounds them, not a place for animals let alone children.

Footprints was asked to intervene to rescue two children living amongst this horrendous place, Lupina and her brother Mathias were found surviving on this pitiful site. After failing to convince their mother to relocate and explaining to her the neglect she was inflicting on her children we had no other alternative than to act.

Neither child has a birth record, so it is difficult to work out their ages. A few days ago Mama Kerry, this time accompanied by our Children's Officer (because of the volatile situation) removed and rescued these two distraught children, they are now safe at Footprints in a clean loving environment.

They are slowly acclimatising to their new home and family while the Children's Department and police deal with their mothers neglect. It is tragically sad how places like this are a refuge for children's survival and that is allowed to continue!

Lupina has her first pair of shoes!

Can you imagine never having had a pair of shoes before.

Well, Lupina has just had a pair of sandles at Footprints and she was so excited.

As with all of the children's clothes and shoes they have been donated by all of you who support us.

Thank you , you really have brought a smile to this little girl's face.

First Day at Makemba Academy for Lupina. How exciting!

Lupina and Mathias have their documentation and are now protected - how wonderful. 

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