Mama Kerry's 'Fun' Triathlon

You may have already seen Mama Kerry has been stranded for the time being in the UK  as Kenya is one of the countries on our 'Red' list. 

As it is 4000 miles to Kenya from here by plane she thought she would do a fundraiser by holding a 'Fun' Triathlon where she, the Footprints children and anyone else who would like to donate miles can join in. 

She is trying to raise a £1000 before she goes back to Kenya this will help support The Footprints Family at this difficult time. 

She would like to fulfil her next vision by starting the foundations for the Stepping Stone project for the over 18's at Footprints. This money will help to begin the foundations for buildings on our new land already purchased. 

Please see below some of the videos and photos of Kerry and the children setting on the journey by walking, running, swimming, biking and the children have even joined in with bikes and scooters. Baby Janet is taking more steps (see video below) Even the Footprints Family driver has begun to clock his miles to and from the home in the school bus where he does around 250 miles a week to help achieve the goal.

If you feel you could donate to this fundraiser please click the JustGiving link below

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