Meg's 80th Birthday Fundraiser

Margaret Blumsom is a long supporter of The Footprints Family and as it was her 80th Birthday this year she decided to have a party to celebrate. She asked people who attended to not buy gifts but donate money to the Footprints Family to help support us.. It was a great night attended by friends and family, so good to be able to get together at this time. She raised £222 for the Footprints Family and we would love to thank Meg and everyone who donated.

This is a fantastic way to have a Fundraiser at these difficult times. If you have a fundraising event you are doing or have done please contact us so we can share on our website and Facebook page

If this post has made you think about donating please click the button below, no matter how big or small it will all help us to continue to improve the lives of vulnerable children in  Kenya

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