New children arrive at Footprints

As you may have recently read there have been huge operational changes at The Footprints Family recently, but we wanted to let you know we are still involved with rescuing vulnerable children within our community. 

Please meet Elvis, Miriam, Johnathan and Baby Geoffrey........

These four children have been living with their mother and grandmother in absolute poverty. Due to their mother being very unwell they were being neglected. She has been trying to care for the children but has been unable to cope. The children have all come to us with medical issues, some simple, some chronic and were suffering infections and riddled with sores when they came into our care. Sadly just after we rescued them Elvis became very sick and was admitted to hospital with fluid on his lungs and around his heart, he also has some liver damage and has now had a blood transfusion. . The good news is Elvis has now been discharged from hospital so he can join his siblings at Footprints. We are keeping a close eye on him. The local Diani Beach hospital have been amazing with their support. Baby Geoffrey is only 4 months old and weighed only 2kgs when he joined us so we are taking special care of him and you can see in the pictures the difference in him in the short time he has been with us.

The home they came from was in a desperately poor state, no one should have to live in these conditions.

On a positive note Miriam has started school with us. She was a little nervous on her first day but the children of Footprints helped to make her feel at home, safe and secure.

We could not continue to do this wonderful work without your continued support. If you would like to donate to help support The Footprints Family please click the donate button below. 

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