New children receive birth certificates and their grandfather gets a vital tricycle

We have some exciting news this morning from The Footprints Family. Our four new children, Elvis, Faida, Miriam and Geoffrey have all received their birth certificates.

Anyone who knows anything about the systems and protocol in Kenya for getting documents like this knows how difficult and challenging it can be. It can take months but we have managed to secure copies of them so this will help the children with their ongoing medical care and education needs. 

Also we have some news about the childrens grandfather. He only has one limb  so finds getting about very difficult. The Footprints Family have managed to make his dream come true and get hold of a tricycle to assist him moving around and ensure his life is somehow eased with the use of this vital item. 

Huge thank you to our social workers Willy and Alex for helping make this happen.

Your support of the Footprints Family makes a huge difference to the family and the surrounding community. These are difficult times and we are struggling for funds, if you can help in anyway with a donation please click the link below.

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