New pathways and fencing at Footprints

We have recently installed new drainage and pathways at Footprints. This has been made with Galarna tiles traditionally used in Kenya. It looks a bit like crazy paving. The reason we have added this important feature is to make areas for the children, staff and visitors to play and walk safely and to help with draining away any surplus water from the heavy rains in the rainy season. As you can imagine the soil becomes very muddy and dangerous so it is a really important safety feature in our home.

At night when the sun goes down, Footprints becomes pretty dark so its extremely important to have a safe pathway to follow in the dark.

The children also needed a safe flat area where it is possible to enjoy playing as seen in the video. 

We have also created new fencing to help with keeping the animals at bay from our crops in the shamba. This has also been created using some of our casuarina trees grown at Footprints

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