Njoki joined Footprints

 From where Njoki started her life ............… 

Njoki's mother died shortly after giving birth. 

When she came to Footprints she was very shy but is now a happy-go-lucky girl with an infectious smile, and is doing well at school. 

This is what living at Footprints achieves! 

Njoki struggles with her health and has to take medication daily. As a result of this she has missed quite alot of school, but now she is feeling better so is improving in her studies. The aunties often find her an extra piece of fruit to keep her healthy. 

She is a scout and in October 2016 her troop marched and presented the Kenyan flag to the Bishop of Mombasa, when he visited to consecrate the local church. 

Njoki loves to spend time with volunteers chatting with them and playing games. 

She is a great dancer and loves to sing.

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