Our brave young man Kolonzo

Today is a very important day for Kolonzo. He and his brother Wambua were rescued by Footprints a couple of years ago. Kolonzo has been suffering from Genu Valgum (knock knees) This causes the knees to bang together when walking. You can see the effect it is having on him in the video below. We have taken Kolonzo to the local hospital, Kinodo Kwetu  where Dr Stan Kinsch an Orthopaedic surgeon will operate on him to correct his condition. The operation is quite routine but will make life changes differences to Kolonzo's quality of life. He will have this surgery today and stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Kolonzo will then move to another facility to receive further nursing and physiotherapy before he returns to Footprints. Some of the staff and children including his brother joined him for the trip today to give him support.

Thank you to everyone who supports Footprints at this difficult time, we are creating life changing opportunities for these children, if you would like to make a donation please click the donate button below 

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