Our Chicken Project

Our self sustainability programme is on its way !!!

The chicks are put out in to the chicken house.

In February 2018, a total of 52 chicks went out into our chicken house as a result of round 1 of our chicken project - this was a real success for us and another area of self-sustainability was on its way! There were also another 40 fertilized eggs from our laying hens that were ready to go in the incubator for round 2.
We are thrilled with how successful this project has become - with the right support, equipment and hard work, initially from volunteers with the help of the children and staff, and now from the Footprints Family, as a result of this wonderful project, we are now assured of chicken to eat twice a month and also a plentiful supply of glorious fresh eggs.....delicious omelettes for breakfast- yummy!!!

The funds to purchase the incubator were donated by Tony Menzies, who has spent much of his working life owning and running a chicken farm - the Footprints Family can not thank him enough for his help and expertise in helping to set up our project.

What a fantastic experience this has been for the children to watch the chicks hatching and to see them grow.
At the very start of the project, our first chickens were sold to a local restaurant. The funds raised from those sales went towards purchasing food for the chicks.
Our chicken project is now very well established. Each month, as a result of this project, we get to eat approximately 16 chickens ensuring the children have this valuable source of protein once a fortnight - not only is this of fantastic nutritional value but also it saves money as we no longer need to purchase as much meat down in Ukunda.
As you can see from the images below, everyone in the family gets involved and again, it is another life skill for our children.
What a wonderful thing to be able to be part of - the children love it.
Thank you all for your continued support.

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