Our two new additions to the Footprints Family....

In the last few days, we have rescued a further two boys Muoki and Mailu who were brothers 8 and 6 years old.

The children were being neglected, abused, and mistreated by their father. The Children's Officer had received a phone call saying the children had been found in the forest naked and carrying water. Muoki and Mailu were being sent by their father to carry water in the early hours of the morning whenever he was to come home drunk. The river they use for water is infested with mosquito and tsetse flies. Their father would also force Muoki to cook Ugali for him and would beat him if he did not like the taste of the food. Both children are covered in scars where they have received beatings. There was no food at home for the children to eat and they have been depending on the kindness of neighbours and their grandmother who died just over a month ago. The whereabouts of their mother is unknown, she left two years ago. The father was given the children as payment for the marriage when he asked for the dowry back.
Footprints have been given a committal order from the court to take care of these boys. Footprints have already taken the boys to the local hospital where they discovered that both boys have acute malaria, which is so incredibly sad after all they have been through, no surprise after living in these awful conditions.

The Footprints family are now giving the two small boys the care and compassion they deserve; however, we still need your help with donations so that the boys can start to live a normal childhood. Please click on the link below and help us to raise as much as we can not just for these two boys but for all our children here at the Footprints Family.
Asanta sana 

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