Rabecca Joins Footprints

 Rabecca and her sister Levena were living only a stones throw away from Footprints.

They were living with their grandparents, their grandfather is in his eighties and they were really struggling to feed and look after the girls. He had heard of Footprints and paid the social worker at Footprints a visit explaining his desire for the two sister to have a brighter and safer future.

Rabecca was 5 and Levena was around 4 years old, however like many children in Kenya an exact date of birth is often never recorded and no medical information can be provided.

When the girls were visited at their home the conditions they were living in were shocking. Their bedroom was pitch black with no windows or electricity, they were sharing a bed with filthy sheets and a mosquito net full of holes!

The girls mother is suffering from mental illness and was attacked on two occasions resulting in both Rabecca and Levena. The mental illness meant the girls mother would disappear for weeks at a time leaving her daughters very vulnerable.

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