Raphael's life at University

Raphael's Story
Who am I?
Do you really want to know?
The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If someone said it was a happy little tail, if someone told you I was your average little boy, not a care in the world. Someone lied.
But, let me assure you this, my story like any other is worth telling.
My story is about a woman, that woman stands next to me. She is Kerry Lee Watson. The woman who is now my beloved mother and who has been by my side from when I did not understand the world fully until now, I have made it to university and having a glance or rather a different way of viewing the world. She has nurtured me good enough to be where and who I am today. Here in university, I am fully committed to study a course called Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. I enjoy and love the course very much since it matches perfectly with my career goals and objectives. I just want to know and study the world systems and know more about Foreign Affairs. Generally, I just want to know the world governance and everything else contained in the different states.
University life here in Kenya is quite different and of course educative, not the class education but life education. I live alone and do my own balanced budget to carry me through the whole month.
I live in a rental house away from university because I arrived late at school due to the COVID pandemic and found the university hostels were already full. I am happy about this because I wanted to learn more about life outside. I share the house with a friend from home near Footprints and a fellow student.
I cook my own food with my own budget.
Since university is a small world, I have made some new friends both from this country and from outside Kenya, from Rwanda, Uganga and Chad, of which I enjoy their company and different stories from their country.
I do not have much free time. When I do, I am busy with studies and my own projects. I love reading about the world and novels. During any free time, I play Football and most importantly I write my own motivational quotes and articles of which I enjoy very much. I am sometimes known to stay up late writing these. At the weekends I usually have lots of discussion about projects from school and different topics.

Author: Raphael  

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