The difference The Footprints Family is making

 You may know that Maliu was rescued along with his brother Muoki in October last year by the Footprints Family. The boys have settled in to the home extremely well over the past six months. 

We wanted to share this picture as it really shows the difference The Footprints Family are making to these children's lives and we could not do this without your wonderful support.

Since being at Footprints Mailu has discovered he loves to draw and paint. He is a very hands on child who loves to make things and enjoys playing with the building blocks seeing what he can construct. He has also discovered books and storys. He has been able to tell a story to his teacher and the other children from looking at the pictures in a book as you can see from the photo below.

How much has his life changed in the last six months from that scared, frightened and confused little boy to the happy smiling confident boy you now see.

Thank you to everyone who supports Footprints and gives these children the opportunity to have a happy childhood that they so deserve.

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