Two new additions to The Footprints Family

We have news that The Footprints Family have managed to rescue a young girl named Catherine aged approx. 15 years old (we are unsure at this moment of her correct age) and her 2-year-old son Samwell from a life of danger and poverty. 

Catherine can now begin a safe life at Footprints where she can once again be a child and receive a much-wanted education.  No longer will Catherine have to worry when she is at school how and when she is going to feed Samwell when she arrives home.They will both receive the love and support the Footprints Family can provide, a roof over their head, a bed to sleep on and regular meals. 

Tragedy bought them together and Footprints will keep them together.

Unfortunately this is the stark reality that some children are still the true victims in the circle of poverty and injustice.

Thank you to everyone who supports us especially at this difficult time. If you feel you can support us further, please click the donate button below. We are making a real difference to these children's lives. 

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