Update on our brave Kolonzo

As some of you know our young man Kolonzo has recently received surgery on his legs to correct a condition called Genu Valgum (knocked knees)

He has been transferred from our local hospital to Portreitz where he is currently recovering from the surgery and will be receiving some physiotherapy once the plasters are removed from his legs. He will then be able to return to Footprints.

He has been extremely brave, we have had a housemother stay with him as he was in some pain and as you can imagine very frightened by it all. 

Recently his brother Wambua, Serah and Fatuma Chizi who have been asking to visit him went for a short visit to cheer him up. Kolonzo was very happy to see them all it really brightened his day.

He is progressing well, the doctors have stopped giving him pain medication as he is no longer in pain. On Wednesday they will remove the plaster around his knees to assess his wounds to see if he can begin the physiotherapy he needs to be able to return to Footprints.

Thank you once again to everyone who continues to support us, it enables us to give life changing opportunities like this one for these children. If you feel you could donate please click the button below. Every penny helps. Asante sana

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