Urgent plea from Mama Kerry

This morning we have some sad urgent news. 

Our beautiful lovely baby Janet has been admitted to hospital with possible sepsis. This has been caused by an infection from a boil on her tummy.

Mama Kerry has rushed her to the local hospital in Diani where she has been sedated to undergo surgery. This is to have it lanced and drained as it is deep routed and near her vital organs, her immune system is not yet fully developed so we are not taking any risks. 

We have already had to pay 50,000 ksh (about £350) just to get her admitted urgently. 

We are asking for an urgent appeal for donations to help us fund this situation. Any amount large or small will help to supply much needed extra money for any treatment she may need. Please click the donate button to donate now.

We thank you in advance for any monies you can donate and ask you to keep Janet in your thoughts 

We will keep you updated on this situation

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