Urgent Plea from Mama Kerry

A huge hello from Mama Kerry here at Footprints in Kenya. 

Firstly, I hope you are safe and well throughout this pandemic. I have been stranded in the UK since May but arrived back in Kenya a few weeks ago. It clearly has been an unprecedented time for everyone. 

Last year the Footprints Orphanage Trustees wrote to all our wonderful supporters to explain that the growth of the charity meant we changed our charity name to The Footprints Family. A better name more fitting to our ever growing children, of whom we have 43 right now. Imagine Bakari, Jane, Mary, Rapheal and 7 others are over 18 but we still support them in further education etc. The name change meant a change of bank accounts etc. and we asked our supporters if they would change their monthly donations to the new bank account. We still have a few amazing people who are sending money to the Footprints Orphanage account and the Footprints Orphanage JustGiving account. Please could I kindly ask if you could check your donation details and send to The Footprints Family account as indicated when you click the donate button below. You can set up a monthly donation on here and through you own bank.

Once again I hope you have been safe and well please take care. Asanta sana

Mama Kerry, Kenya

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