Saturday 13th February and The Footprints Family Bonus Ball saw another winner !!  This week, Number 48 was drawn as the bonus ball on the UK National Lottery.

This ball had been purchased by Jane and Tony Pimm and they decided to show some 'Valentines' weekend love and asked that we donate their winnings back to the charity.  Thank you so much both of you for your kindness and generosity.  

Jane and Tony are both supporters of The Footprints Family and we thank them for this donation and their for their continued love and support.

Their number relates to Nicholas' story. Please see below.

In December 2017, The Footprints Family was blessed with the arrival of its youngest ever child, a baby boy, who was just 10 days old. 

He had been abandoned on the roadside and had been found by a 13 year old boy, who decided he should take him home to his own mother. The boy's family reported the baby to the Chief and then,  they were all taken to the Police Station whilst investigations took place.

On Monday 11th December 2017, the Children's Department contacted The Footprints Family and Mamma Kerry drove over to collect this tiny baby from the Police Station to take him into Footprints care.  

It took several hours of paperwork and lengthy discussions before she was allowed to bring him back to the family.  He was a poorly little baby.  His skin was infected and he was in desperate need of care.  The Footprints Family also had to give him a name.

As he had joined the family in December, it was decided to name him Nicholas after St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) as everyone felt he was a wonderful blessing and a very special Christmas present.

The other children adored him from day one and after receiving medical attention and love and care, he began to put on weight and his skin soon began to heal.  Nicholas truly was a special addition to The Footprints Family. 

After plenty of love, good food and care, Nicholas was blooming.  He had put on weight and his skin was now completely healed - what a transformation.  The difference that the love and care of The Footprints Family can make is incredible.

A huge thank you to everyone who, at the time, sent out clothes, formula milk and nappies to help care for him, all of these items are incredibly expensive in Kenya and your donations helped Footprints ensure Nicholas was well fed and cared for.

Here are few photos of Nicholas since his rescue.  We are sure you will agree that he is a very handsome little man and he continues to thrive at Footprints.

He has recently had a spell of ill health but is on the mend now.  If you wish to read more about Nicholas' journey with The Footprints Family, please see the 'meet our young people' section of the website.

We thank you for your continued support - without you, it would not be possible for The Footprints Family to continue with all the wonderful work that saves children like Nicholas.

Asante Sana

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