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Mama Kerry’s place has transitioned from the former site of the Footprints Family home (a children’s orphanage/care home that was established in 2010) to the site of our early year’s education boarding facility called Footprints Academy which opened in 2020. 

Footprints Academy operates alongside its own on site farming sustainability project, with cows, chickens and a vegetable garden (the shamba).  

Next to the Footprints Academy you can also visits Mama Kerry's café, where visitors can stop off to enjoy light refreshments and learn about Footprints and the work it does.

Have you thought about volunteering? 

There is nothing more important than giving our young children the support, encouragement and education that they need and if you volunteer with us, we encourage you to spend time with the children and young adults we support, playing with them, educating them and telling them all about your life and culture. You'll also assist with day-to-day operations such as cooking, cleaning, DIY, growing food and tending the animals etc. 


**All candidates will be DBS checked** 


For more information on volunteering, please contact us by Email: 

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