After 3 months of investigations Bengao and his sister Abigail  joined Footprints.


Playtime at Footprints

Picture a Christmas morning; a birthday, or just a moment of indulgence when buying a toy to play with for children in the UK… For most, not all, it would consist of brightly coloured plastic toys in all shapes and sizes. A yellow plastic tea-pot, An 'authentic' BBQ, a Barbie doll in her glad-rags and the like. But what is play and why does it matt...
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After 3 months of investigations Bengao and his sister Abigail joined Footprints. Patrick, Aunty Diane and our social worker Alex, made the journey, by foot in to the forest to the home of the children's Aunty Milka (who had herself walked the 6km to Footprints on three occasions to plea for help.) The children's mum had been killed and they had be...
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