Catherine who is around 15 years old has been rescued from a life of injustice and poverty with her son Samwell, aged 2 years old.


Catherine starts school

 We rescued Catherine along with her son Samuel back in March and we are pleased to update you with the news she has finally started to attend Maasai Corner School along with some of the other children at Footprints. The photos below show Catherine before she began at the school, as she needed to complete an entrants exam to attend t...
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Two new additions to The Footprints Family

We have news that The Footprints Family have managed to rescue a young girl named Catherine aged approx. 15 years old (we are unsure at this moment of her correct age) and her 2-year-old son Samwell from a life of danger and poverty.  Catherine can now begin a safe life at Footprints where she can once again be a child and receive a much-wante...
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