Uncle Patrick Footprints Family Kenya

Uncle Patrick

 Kerry Founder Footprints Family Kenya

"About Uncle Patrick"

Patrick Wanjala Matere has been instrumental to the development of Footprints, during 2008/2009 he has relentlessly supported Kerry in purchasing the land that Footprints now stands and while Kerry was in the UK fundraising, Patrick project managed the construction of the buildings.

In April 2010 Patrick joined Kerry as together they opened Footprints Children Home Charitable Trust and welcomed its first 5 children.
Over the years Patrick’s commitment to the children, staff and entire charity has been outstanding.

Over the years Patrick and Kerry have worked together to identify and rescue the most vulnerable children being at every rescue and admission of every Footprints child.

Like Kerry,  he has watched their fear, desperation and hopeless lives regain spirit hope and joy and throughout the continuous challenges every smile brings the satisfaction and motivation to succeed.

Running Footprints Children’s Home is a huge daily operational that Patrick has seen   develop extensively since 2008 and as Operational Manager he works tiresly to ensure the Footprints children are protected in a safe environment.
When possible he enjoys spending time with the children sharing ‘stories’ and encouraging them that they have hope for the future.

Recently, Footprints has developed sustainable farming projects that Patrick is heavily involved with, mentoring the staff and children ensuring the chicken eggs and cow milk projects are viable.

Having 3 vehicles to continuously maintain and the maintenance of our very own borehole and power source, Patricks days are packed with so much to do around the home.