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When a child we are supporting finishes education and reaches adulthood (18), they most likely have nowhere to go and it is important we support them into independent life. 


Thanks to the kind support of a very generous UK donor who pledged funding we have been able to purchase approximately ¼ acre of land in Mkwakwani Village in the Ukunda/Diani area of Kenya. 


The Mkwakwani site is in the town nearest to Mama Kerry's Place, in an area that is developing fast, where there is easy access to facilities such as banks, shops and cyber leaning centres for our young adults.


From this site, our young adults will be able to continue to finish their higher education, be guided and counselled during their transition period to independent living and have support to seek a permanent home and employment in an environment where we can introduce enhanced life skills through our community and business partners, entrepreneurship skills and microfinance to help them become more independent. 


We have secured the land for this venture with the express purpose and intention of fundraising to build independent living accommodation and facilities which will act as a 'Stepping Stone' for our young people.  The expectation is that our young adults will temporarily stay here when they reach 18 during their transition into independence where they will be responsible for themselves and their own families in the future

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