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Janet is reintegrated to the care of her biological Grandmother

As part of Mama Kerry's Home Based Care Programme, we implement solutions for the reintegration of children into the care of their biological families (where it is appropriate and safe to do so) providing support and access to essential services as required.

Following months of family tracing and risk assessments carried out by our social work team in partnership with the Children's Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK), the court have decided that Janet can now be reintegrated into the care of her biological Grandmother.

Although this will be a huge change for Janet and The Footprints Family, we know that this is the best process to follow and we will continue to monitor Janet’s well-being and progress.

This is the incredible work of Footprints - a child close to death, rescued, nurtured in a loving environment and reintegrated into her biological family’s care 3 years later!

Well done to the Footprints team in Kenya and THANK YOU to everyone supporting us across the globe. This would not have been possible without your support!

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