On January 9th 2015 Mutua became critically ill after contracting malaria whilst visiting his home community. His kidneys and liver shut down and we thought that we would lose him. It was a very distressing time, especially for Kerry who was constantly at his bedside and administering treatment herself. Thankfully, because Mutua was so healthy before he became ill, and because we were able to get him the right medical care, he survived and is now back home and should make a full recovery. The doctors have described it as a miracle!

We thank all of our wonderful supporters for their donations and the brilliant and compassionate doctors in Kenya.

Without all of you, Mutua would not have had any chance of fighting an illness which kills thousands of children in Africa every single day.

It may be hard to imagine that YOU have saved a child you may never have met ... but everyone who has supported Footprints Orphanage has saved Mutua's life.

Thank you!

He made a full recovery and is now enjoying life.

This is what living at Footprints achieves!

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