Nicholas was only 10 days old when he was found by a 13 year old boy abandoned on the roadside.


Our new arrival was rather unexpected!

Our final addition to the Footprints Family this year is our youngest ever child, a baby of only 10 days old. He was abandoned on the roadside and found by a 13 year old boy, who took him home to his own mother. The family reported the baby to the Chief who took them all to the Police Station. On Monday 11th December the Children's Department conta...
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Nicholas in February & March 2018

After plenty of love, good food and care, Nicholas is blooming. He is putting on plenty of weight and his skin is completely healed - what a transformation. Thank you to everyone who has sent clothes, milk and nappies, all of which ore expensive out in Kenya. Here is Nicholas in March - he is, as you can see, growing quickly and developing well.&nb...
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Nicholas is baptised

On Sunday 23rd December everyone went to church for a special service where the Bishop of Mombasa attended. We took Nicholas for a blessing, however the Bishop baptised him - what a special event at Christmas. We were all very emotional. Now we can concentrate on ensuring Nicholas has a loving start to life.