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Footprints Early Years Academy

Education offers a footpath out of poverty

Education is key


Many children in rural Kenya still do not attend school; families are pushed below the poverty line and so, as schools in Kenya are fee paying, many children must forgo education. ​


Footprints Early Years Academy was established in 2021 to provide free or subsidised vital learning for children between 4 and 11 years. It is situated on the former site of the Footprints Family home, now known as Mama Kerry's Place, and consists of 2 acres of beautiful land at the foot of the Shimba Hills.


Footprints’ school bus collects pupils from the surrounding villages; they receive 2 meals a day, learning resources and a school uniform.​

Children who are happy, are children who learn


Teachers and staff are trained in the new Competency-Based Curriculum and offer the children a wide and varied range of learning experiences from arts and crafts through to academic core-curricula subjects, which are engaging, fun and appropriately challenging.​


The classrooms are bright, well maintained, operationally safe and equipped with a wide variety of learning materials as well as a wonderful library and computer room.


The classroom for the youngest children has its own play and outdoor area enabling their learning and self-awareness to flourish.


The beautiful, extensive grounds allow the children to explore nature. They have swings, slides, climbing frames, roundabouts and can run and play. They take part in nature walks, visit the animals and shamba (small farm) and make the most of the countryside fresh air.


Hope for a better future


The majority of the population of over 100 pupils pay a minimal fee but Footprints Family fully sponsors the education (and healthcare) of many, dependent upon a financial assessment of their family/guardian(s).

The school also has an on-site residential facility and those pupils who are living in high risk environments can board here until they can be safely reintegrated into the right community-based setting.​ During breaks from school (and where it is safe to do so) these children return to their communities with food and personal packages that enable them to spend time with their families, while still receiving their essential daily requirements.

Thanks to your donations, these vulnerable children, some who have never been to school before, are now able to attend Footprints Early Years Academy. They are getting the quality education they deserve, in a safe environment.​

You can help! £20 could buy a child's uniform (dress or shorts & t-shirt, jumper, shoes & socks); there’s so much we need!

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