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Mkwakwani Steppingstones Youth Programme

A stepping stone to independence

Transition to adulthood


When a child we are supporting finishes education and reaches adulthood, they most likely have nowhere to go and it is important we support them into independent life. 

Those of us who are parents know only too well that young people need guiding and counselling well after this age, to a point of independent living.


The worst-case scenario for us, would be to have cared for and supported a child, nurtured them, invested in them holistically, only to abandon them while they are still at a vulnerable age and stage, and risk them returning to a life of poverty.​

Further education


Our Mkwakwani Stepping Stone Programme offers further educational programmes depending on academic ability (including college or university education or vocational courses that will teach skills to help them become self-sufficient).

Thanks to very generous support, the Footprints Family now owns a piece of land in Mkwakwani, Ukunda, near Mama Kerry’s Place. The area is developing fast and there is easy access to facilities such as banks, shops and cyber learning centres.

The expectation is that our young adults will temporarily reside here in residential bedsits giving them the chance to live independently, while still having support and a connection with us. They have the freedom to learn to make good, healthy choices, understand what independent living entails and build a foundation for themselves in their adult world.


A bright future


In this environment we can introduce enhanced life and entrepreneurship skills through our community and business partners and they can be guided and counselled during this transition period and have support to seek a permanent home and employment.


We also plan to identify ways to create sustainable business opportunities at the site for the benefit of the young adults on the program, as well as create an income for the sustainability of the Home Based Care Programme and Footprints Early Years Academy. ​


The Mkwakwani Stepping Stone Programme is the logical extension of the charity’s mission to identify and enhance the lives of vulnerable children and nurture them to eventually become independent, well-rounded citizens of the Kenyan Nation.

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